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Becoming Wallflower


the lip shimmer is so silky smooth, feels so refreshing and has a nice natural scent of peppermint and lavender but not too strong! i also love the roll on application!

Kelly Ann Sigurdson

the lip shimmer is amazing and the bentonite clay face mask has literally cleared my acne. i highly recommend.

Elly Thorkelson

my fav lip product rn. 

1) it's light and doesn't cake up

2) it's glossy and smells so yummy

3) it doesn't taste like chemical (because tbh when you wear gloss every day some is bound to get in your mouth and it sucks)

Danae Desjardins

I was "blessed" with sensitive/dry/acne and blackhead prone skin and I have struggled most of my life trying to find products to help my skin, and without drying the sh!t out of it. I started using Caitlin's Gentle Magic toner about two months ago and it was a game changer. (it also works as a hydrating setting spray) recently she has also made me a special order serum for my skin. I've been using it for twoish weeks, but I've seen significant improvement. my skin is hydrated, my acne has been calming down (with every day, twice a day use) and I overall feel more confident in my own skin. Thank you to my wonderful friend for creating quality and affordable skincare for everyone! 

Zoe Johnson

Caitlin is seriously so talented! I’ve been working my way through trying her products, and haven’t been disappointed yet! There are so many options to compliment all skin types, and she’s always genuinely interested in feedback and making products that suit her customers wants and needs! Cait even offered to make me a custom roller to help with my insomnia, and it has worked wonders! These are such great natural products that really work, and everything smells so so good. Also, the face masks are the bomb 💣. highly recommend you try something from Wallflower Botanicals next time you are looking for a new product! ♥️

Averie Johannesson

Loved the face mask, moisturizer and solid perfume I received. The products arrived quickly in the mail and all products were packaged beautifully with no damage. 
Furthermore I have dry sensitive skin and the Pink Kaolin Clay Face Mask left me feeling clean and smooth with no issues with sensitivity. Would definitely recommend to others with similar skin type to myself.

Jasmyn Johnson

I won a giveaway with Wallflower Botanicals a couple months ago. I was so excited to try the products seeing as I love natural products. Every single mini and full-sized product I received were absolutely amazing, smelled so good, and helped with my skin so much! My favourite is the Mystic Moisturizer and the Leave In Conditioner! 10/10, try it!

Abbegayle Jane

I’ve had the chance to try out the mystic moisturizer, renewal toner and a product for hair growth. I have been very happy with the results of all three products and am excited to keep using them in my everyday routine as well as trying new products in the future!

Staci Price

fall in love with taking care of yourself