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This luxurious body oil will deeply nourish your skin, while leaving you glowing like the goddess that you are. Our non-greasy formula is full of natural oils that the skin loves to absorb. Apply daily for best results.

wild + free: oils of avocado + olive; essential oils of palo santo, vanilla + patchouli 

you are golden: oils of avocado + olive; essential oils of sweet orange, red mandarin, neroli, vanilla + sandalwood

earth queen: oils of avocado + olive; essential oils of patchouli, cedarwood atlas + vanilla

london fog:  oils of avocado + olive; essential oils of vanilla, bergamot + lavender 

Customer Reviews

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Best Massage Oil of my LIFe

I give my partner back massages frequently due to the nature of his work, his back in generally always sore. I’ve tried lotions, other oils, everything under the moon while giving him massages. Either they don’t work, or they leave him feeling so greasy he has to shower after.

I got my paws on some of this body oil, and let me tell you. It rocked our world!
It is soft, and you do not need a bunch of it! Added bonus is that the smell is to DIE FOR!
My partner just loves it because his back feels amazing afterwards with no oily mess!
It is by far my favourite product! You won’t be disappointed by this multi use gift from the gods!

What dry skin?

So nice to have something natural that lasts through the day! It's moisturizing, absorbs well, and isn't sticky.

Leah Bardarson
Wild + Free body oil

I love the scent! Feels great on the skin.

Victoria B

This is the only item I own that keeps my skin glowing & soft for more than 12 hours. My skin feels so amazing and moisturized after using this!!! 10/10 I recommend!

Kelly Ann
Saved my skin.

I use the “you are golden” it smells like literal CREAMSICLES. I have had dry patches on my arms/shoulders/back for years. I tried everything. Medicated, natural, etc. After showering it flares up. So one day I tried the body oil. I didn’t flare up. I have been using it after every shower within a minute of getting out, and I haven’t flared up in a few weeks. Don’t ask me what magic is in there but it sure as hell works!